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Little Wallop


The overall scale of the renovated portion of the house was purposefully kept in line with the original building so as to avoid the “great Bermuda add-on “effect that is quite prevalent in properties that are updated and extended. Going from room to room you do not feel the change in interior or exterior scale which makes the overall design of the house harmonious and cohesive. The cedar beams used in the master bedroom and the kitchen are reclaimed from another property that had been torn down. The owner purchased the beams in a primitive state and they were lovingly restored for the use, adding Bermudian character.


The Kitchen

We transformed the existing kitchen to become a new larger, brighter and more functional space but blended the new and the old structures. The kitchen, and breakfast bar seating counter is a gathering place for the couple and we designed into the cabinetry a lift up television, the most modern appliances , and ample work surfaces including a moveable table-style center island , while keeping the look overall transitional and warm. On the lower landing adjacent, we built into the shelving, a dog feeding station to keep messy bowls from getting underfoot!

We expanded the upper balcony adjacent to the kitchen to provide an outdoor living and dining room to enjoy the spectacular views. It also serves as a vantage point for viewing a custom Mosaic art piece placed on the wall that was replicated from an original watercolor of the Sea Venture.

The Master Bedroom and Ensuite

The master bedroom was also purposefully positioned in the house where it offered the most amazing views and easy access from the main living spaces and patios. There are steps that lead straight down to the pool from the master bedroom door for early morning swims! The mirror hanging over the fireplace conceals a TV, so they have this amenity, but unobtrusively disguised to stay in keeping with the room’s aesthetic.

The master bathroom tub was placed in front of a low window which allows for soothing views while bathing. The double vanity was custom built to allow for more space, time and peaceful reflection.

The Family Room/Games Room

The entire family room/games room space is designed for two things – enjoyment and relaxation. The pool table was custom designed in the finishes of the room. The stone wall finishes provide a backdrop for the pool table, and artwork hung in this room are a testament to the owners love of sporting life - from golf, motor cycle riding, sailing, to flying planes.

The custom L shaped bar was a must and it is positioned to access a full drop down window on the pool side to allow for easy service for guests on the patio.

We custom created these beautiful barn door style doors, with faux iron accents and tracking to create a rustic look. They were designed to provide an inviting transition into the wine cave from the games room.

The wine cave was an unexpected surprise we were able to create. When excavating the family/games room, an old unused water tank was discovered. So we reclaimed it and created a wonderful amenity in the house. The ambience in the wine cave is warm and rich. The use of the stone on the walls and more of the reclaimed beams, are accented by a variety of lighting effects.

The Pool Area

The pool area features a hot tub with seating area for at least 8 and mosaic turtles were artfully made and installed by an artisan from Hawaii and beckon you into the swimming pool. They are actually positioned for the best vantage point to be from the overlooking balcony seating area. Off to the side of the pool is a spacious area for formal entertaining equipped with a BBQ deck and even an outdoor ethanol fireplace for cooler nights.

The Laundry Room

The laundry room was configured to utilize all available space, making every square foot count. The cabinets provide the necessary extra storage space with a collapsible hanging unit for added functionality and easy concealment when not in use.




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